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Are you a busy marketing executive or a business owner looking to boost your sales, cut your expense or simply stay in touch with your clients using an effective SMS strategy?

SAVE UP TO 50% on your SMS texting and keep your money in your pocket!

Send UNLIMITED 160-character SMS (or longer) to ANY Mobile Phone for a Super-Low 12c per message! *

Fast SMS provides a simple and affordable solution of sending SMS Text to virtually any Mobile (cell) phone, anywhere in the world, using your PC while saving you time and money.

* Some carriers in some countries may charge more than one credit per SMS.

Now you can have a quick, easy and affordable solution to:


  • Broadcast customised event invitations to large audiences.

  • Manage contractors and employees.

  • Bulk SMS marketing campaigns and promotions.

  • Remind your clients of appointments so they don’t forget.

  • Stay in touch with sales reps in the field.


  • Monitor Equipment

  • Convert eMail to SMS text messages

  • Interrogsate databases with SMS responses


  • Stay in touch with friends and family.

  • Keep tabs on the kids.

Only minutes to set up on the web and you can contact your customers, employees, friends and family instantly, in Australia or anyplace in the world, directly to their mobile phone, for about half the cost of using your regular mobile phone. Responses to your SMS messages are received directly on your Mobile (cell) phone.

Plus, you will always receive a ‘delivery report’ to confirm successful delivery of the message.

Should your SMS message be longer than 160 characters, it will be automatically split over a number of 160 character messages depending on the length of the message.

To get started, users can purchase bundles of SMS Credits. While you need to purchase at least 200 credits with our competition to get started, FastSMS will get you started with as little as $1.00 for a trial pack of 5 Credits. If you like you can choose our popular 250 Credits Package for just $30. 

Sending messages to any mobile in Australia costs only 1 Credit. Sending messages to other countries may cost 2 or 3 Credits to deliver the message. Larger bundles, like 1,000 Credits are available for bulk users.

You will be issued a unique password to keep any unauthorised people from using your credit.

You can sign up immediately. No Obligation. No Sign-up Plans. No Software to Install. And our website is Spam-Free!

Users that wish to broadcast customised messaged to a large audience, such as event invitations or reminders, may do so by uploading correctly formatted text files to the FastSMS Server for fast delivery to a large number of recipients. A mail-merge facility allows total customising of each message. This interface may also be used by any third-party applications that can deliver text files by email or FTP to the FastSMS Server for single or bulk sending of SMS text messages. Third party billing facility is provided with sub-accounts to allow the collection of revenue for the use of the FastSMS services by third parties.

Other features include the ability for users to divert any email to an assigned email account consisting of their  mobile_number@FastSMS.com.au

For example, if a user receives an email with the word "urgent" in the body or subject of the email, a filter can be set up to forward the email to their  mobile_number@FastSMS.com.au and the first 160 characters of the Subject or Body (user selectable) will be sent as an SMS text to their mobile phone.

FREE SIGN UP – with no obligation to continue... simply follow the on-screen instructions and you’ll be sending SMS text messages in less than 3 minutes! It’s easy, safe and secure. Take your first step NOW by clicking this link.

FastSMS provides an inexpensive means of sending SMS (text or txt) Messages to virtually any GSM Mobile (cell) phone from your PC.

Not convinced SMS is for you? Easy, test our system for FREE..



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